Whether it's personal, business or education, sometimes we all just want to know more. 


At OverAir we deliver exciting hands on learning for beginners, expert training for professionals and everything in between. We will not only show you how your products work, but also what they're capable of.



We're true experts on Apple products and our training is bespoke to your needs, if you would like to learn the basics of Mac, iPad or iPhone, you can join our local workshops throughout the South West or even arrange personal training for yourself and others. We will be announcing our workshop locations shortly.


We also deliver bespoke hardware and software trouble-shooting courses that will guide you and your IT teams through varying levels of support. This includes iOS small device training, Mac repair and upgrades, OS basics and other key third party products.


With more schools and colleges embracing Apple technology it can be a challenge to facilitate a change-over, we're experts at enrolment, set-up, data transfer, integration and mobile deployment.








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Did you know that your iPhone has a "burn" feature?

10 times, that's all it takes to incorrectly input your passcode for this feature of iOS10 to completely remove your data and render the handset useless.



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