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Our experienced team is here to help. Whether it’s consultancy, procurement, networking, deployment, or technical support, we work with all sectors on all sizes of projects.

Support for Creatives.

Help in Education.




We make sure the device you have is optimised for the many tasks you do in a day. Your machine will be faster and last longer, maximising your productivity and impressing your clients.


With regular services, we identify problems quicker to make sure your device can handle your requirements, including intensive design programmes. One less thing to tick off the to-do list.

Crash Plans

When it all goes wrong, we’re your helping hand. We fix your machine using our extensive expert knowledge and recover your lost data, getting you back working on your projects in no time.

Self-Employed Cover

Our customers come from large companies, independents and freelances alike. If you have a device and need support to optimise it for your creativity, we’re here to help.


For any company or individual, we can ensure you receive the best tech set-up for your needs. We purchase, provide and protect new machines of any volume.


When fresh-off-the shelf doesn't suit your needs, we can tailor-build performance machines that save thousands. With our decades of experience repairing and upgrading, we advise on the best option.


When it’s time to upgrade the whole device, or have surplus stock, we offer trade-in deals for your next device, along with our advice on which device to get. So, you continue to receive great service from us.


If your device is beyond suitable performance, but can still benefit someone, we use our sister company GiftTech to donate devices to those in need, or send it safely away for recycling. We ensure your tech has a sustainable life-cycle.


Working with lots of technology can be daunting, we have the experience to help.


Working with lots of technology can be daunting, we have the experience to help


A phone call or email away, we offer both on-site and off-site support, whether it’s choosing the best set-up, expanding storage or recovering data.

Emergency Support

We understand how important it is to act quickly if things go wrong. That’s why we’re on hand to offer support and get you back online, word processing, photo editing and so on, in no time.

Device Management

We help keep track of your students’ and teachers’ devices, including procurement, servicing and upgrading, ensuring a seamless learning experience.

Networks & Infrastructure

We’re here to look after your physical wiring set-up and ensure your wireless networks run smoothly, so you can focus on what the technology can offer; improved teaching and learning.


Accidents happen, especially with a younger crowd. This is why we provide a comprehensive repair service, whether it’s a spilt drink or dodgy downloads.


At the start of the school year and every day in-between, we make sure all members of your school, college or university has their own access to everything they need on the network and the devices to do so.